Friday, April 21, 2006


So you must be wondering...Chocolate Toes?
Well, the meaning for this blog name can be summed up in that famous phrase,"Life is like a box of never know what you are going to get." Hence it is for Joey and I and our respective families as we count down the months of each pregancy in anticipation of "what color" our newest addition will be. In reference to the precious little feet that scamper throughout our happy home, a perfect blend of their mommy and daddy, our boys are sweet and delicious right down to their little chocolate toes. Is doesn't take a Masters in Genetics to understand that dark is dominant, so much to the delight of the "Bugos" side of the family, both Donovan and Avery were born with the perfect tan & deep brown eyes! As for the "Reyes-Torres" side, they are still awaiting their blonde haired-blue-eyed baby. We may have to change the blog name if that ever happens!:)

Nevertheless, this is the journal of days in the lives of our little chocolate-toed boys and we their often frazzled parents. Much of the site is just photos for now, but keep checking back to hear the "colorful" stories that can only come from such a busy household!

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Sass said...

What a lovely idea, Kateri! I'll probably visit this thing every day just to get a load of my incredibly good-looking nephews. If I may say so myself, Donovan does still seem to have Aunt Sass moments. I guess I would have made a cuter little boy.

I wanted to tell you, yesterday was the first time counseling that I had an experience with a couple who decided against abortion. It's made the whole weekend a lot brighter than usual. Normally I'm troubled all weekend by the images of the faces of the women who go into the clinic, but this weekend I also have the memory of the brilliant smile she flashed at me when she came out of the clinic, and of his shy, grateful one when I gave him some phone numbers to call if they needed any help. The memory of their smiles should make it easier for me to go back next weekend.

But now, back to work for me; we're finishing up The Rambler now. It's a tribute edition to Maggie Murray, an employee of the school here who died of cancer during Holy Week. John was very close to her. Anyway, it may be our last issue of the semester. Everything's wrapping up. I'm not ready for that!

Hope you're feeling good, give my love to Joey.