Thursday, May 11, 2006

All About Avery

Yes, he looks like my "borrowed baby," but he's definitely mine! At first look, Avery is all Daddy, yet though his perfect tan might be deceiving, some of the expressions that dance across that little baby face show a glimmer of his mom. Yet to the average lady in the grocery store, I must be his babysitter;)

Avery is my sweetie, my little "love bug" as Joey and I call him, and he is my opportunity for cuddles and snuggles since Donovan has (for the most part) left the comfort of my lap to conquer the world! Avery is such a precious little guy. His personality is very laid back & easy going, though his tummy troubles have given him good reason to complain of late. I have spent many days over the past weeks pacing and bouncing, trying keep him soothed (its a great postpartum workout:) Luckily some good meds have helped bring him back to his content & sleepy little self.

Yesterday was his 8 week birthday- and I must confess that once again it was a blur...even though I stubbornly tried to cherish every minute of it. It seems as if Avery has been transformed from my little 5 lb. preemie to a chubby little 12 lb. cherub practically overnight! He is our Mr. Personality, as from day one he lacked that far-away look many newborns have, and instead his eyes have always been full of wonder and a curious element of wisdom. It would seem that Avery was born with a special knowledge, like some important secret that the world will learn as his skills develop and slowly unlock it. And while part of me can't wait to see that happen and see him grow and change, I desperately want him to stay the same, my little bundle that I can comfort and hold forever.

Of course big brother "the blur" Donovan is living proof that time will eventually take my baby away, and return a bundle of energy that can't stay still. But until that day I will indulge myself in his babyness, from his dreamy baby smell to dressing him in those tiny clothes and shoes. Yes, I will even miss the pacing at night to calm his colic.

His most recent milestones include graduating to size 2 diapers and my personal fave: smiling back when you interact with him. In contrast, he also makes the best most pathetic little pout you have ever seen!

Before Avery's birth Joey made me promise to take a picture of the baby every month on the same backround, so that we could see all of the changes as he grows. The pics below are what we have so far...its amazing to look back at how he has grown since birth!

One Week

One Month

2 Months

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Bridgermama said...

So there I was surfing along and bam I saw your sweet little baby!! It really does go way too fast, I am getting to the point where I need another one, mine is getting way too big!