Thursday, May 04, 2006


And just when I thought I had it allunder control, Donovan comes up with a new one. While I was finishing the last blog...he crossed the threshold into a new level of destruction. You know the doomsday sci-fi movies about aliens that come down to earth and use our own technology against us? Well, those are stories inspired by people with toddlers, I swear.

My little "engineer" just came out with a screw driver that he apparently got out of the junk drawer and proceeded to go to try to use it to take off the door of one of the cabinets. Of course he wasn't coordinated on the first attempt to do it...but do you know what this means? My ONE AND A HALF YEAR OLD KNOWS HOW TO USE TOOLS. Terrifying thought. Its only a matter of time now before I go to sit on a chair and it collapeses cuz all the screws are missing. These used to be only funny stories its becoming all too real. AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!

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Jill said...

No, no. . .it's a good thing. My 37-year-old husband still doesn't know how to use tools. Put the little tyke to work. Every family needs a general contractor. Just make sure you teach the next one to do car repair.