Thursday, June 22, 2006

She Can Sew?!!!!

So while hubby was away for some infantry training, me and the infants were in our own little training. I threw myself into some projects to keep my mind occupied, and here is an example of one of the few things that actually turned out. (painting the cabinets-not so good.) This is the quilt I made for DJ's room- its an airplane theme now...since airplanes are his latest addiction.
Yet with all the love and pride that went into hours buring the midnight oil to make this (my first ever) special quilt for him, when I ceremoniosly presented it to him he got all excited and said "fish". Ok, so he didn't SAY fish, because he doesn't really identfy things with words yet, but rather the sound they make, so he made his fish face and smacked his lips in the "fish" sound. Anyway, for all my labor in searching for just the right airplane material to satisfy this boys love of the skies, he ended up thinking they were fish.
Can't blame me for trying. HaHa!

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