Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pee is for Potty

Let the potty training begin! Donovan has decided
on his own that he is ready for the big boy potty...
now getting him to actually do more than just SIT on it
is the next challenge. He has lovingly named his potty
"Flush," which he says with a Donald Duck accent.
Last night he finally went pee.......but on the COUCH.
Yeah, he escaped and ran in all of his glorious nakedness
to the entertainment room where I discovered him sitting,
remote control in hand, with a perfect little fountain forming a
neat little stain on the cusion. He was mildly concerned, but
mostly excited because mommy got out the "spray" to clean it.

Obviously we will continue to work towards better timing and aim.

Today the couch, tomorrow who knows...sometime before he's 30:
The TOILET. Suggestions, please??????? Posted by Picasa

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