Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Valentine

It finally happened...a creative thought actually made it out of my head and into fruition. After an endless swarm of rainy days and needy sickies, the rainbow finally came out over our house; a healthy family inside, and the sun shining brightly outside. And it just so happened that this all miraculously occured just before Valentine's day. I had to get valentines not only for Donovan's preschool class, but also for our ever-growing parish playgroup; so my frugal side kicked in and I was determined to do handmade valentines this year.

And so without any plan at all, Donovan and I set out to make thirty handprints with finger paint and from there go wherever our creativity destined. The first 20 handprints were made with careful toddler eagerness, and the last 10 needed a lot of careful bribery and a few redo's to boot. And then there they were, rows and rows of beautiful baby hands lined up to dry on our ironing board. And for 3 days, no more creativity came. Then it hit like a lightning bolt, and I was thrilled with the end result- it was all actually really easy to assemble and turned out so darn cute. Each handprint was cut out and set in a heart, then a bag of mini m&m's was tied inside the handprint as if to hold it; finally a cute little note was added to tie it all together. Super cute craft, great mommy/son fun, and everyone melted who recieved them (or at least their mother's did:)

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Duquesa said...

That's my girl! You are so darn creative and now you're passing it on to your boys. Lucky little guys! Those are adorable Valentine's. We love you - talk soon!