Saturday, March 10, 2007

On this day last year....

March 10, 2007

As luck (if thats what you call it) would have it, we were all sick with nasty colds/bronchitis on poor little Avery Jude's FIRST BIRTHDAY, but that didn't stop us from celebrating at least a little bit. Yes, folks, that is an oatmeal cream pie with a candle in it. Praise God the little tike will be too young to remember how pitiful his 365th day of life was, but we will make it up to him soon with a real bash! Thats a promise! He really could have cared less though, he was thrilled that mommy let him get so close to a burning object, and even more so that he could pulverize a cookie without any interference. Its the simple things in life, right? We sang to Avery several times throughout the day, and by the end he was humming bits of the song to himself! Why can't we all treat birthdays with such innocent enthusiasm??? (Don't ask Daddy who is dreading turning 30 in just as many days:)

One happy One Year Old. Mission Accomplished.

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Duquesa said...

I can't believe he's a year old already and Jerome's not far behind. We've gotta get these boys together!