Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sugar and spice....

Okay, I admit...for the one millionth time I paid the price for turning my back on my darling duo. Yesterday I was sewing curtains. I had begun during naptime, but still had one to finish after they awoke, so I loaded them up with graham crackers and milk and a good movie and thought I had bought myself enough time to finish my project. Ahem, think again mommy!
I came to the kitchen with my nearly finished curtain, for I needed to make sure that my measurements were accurate....and well, I might have walked right out without noticing anything if Donovan hadn't tipped me off with his tell tale high-pitched repetition of "hi!". I stopped dead in my tracks, and began to look around for the disaster area I knew existed. (this is his thing- his guilty conscience always comes through in this dead giveaway attention grabber- he will literally say hi and wave at you until you discover what he has done!)

Then I saw it. First I noticed the jars of spices that were on the counter- these were my BULK spices to boot...not my little jars but the big ones! I knew that I hadn't used any of these spices that day, so their presence was certainly suspicious. I turned on the light and there it was: the
MOUND. A nice sized pile of spicey-spices: chili powder, cumin, fajita seasoning, garlic powder and cream of tarter for good measure. The jars were either empty or nearly so. And the stovetop burner bore the brunt of the spice dump. My reaction? A frown to stifle my smile, and I turned tail to go grab my most trusted tools of motherhood: the hand vac and my camera. What more can a girl do?
So I vacuumed up the pile, and had to take off the stovetop burner and cover in the process. Lo and behold, I discovered pile #2, which I guess came before pile #1, as it was poured directly into that central hole in the burner, and it was about twice the size of the first pile...which was a relief, because now at least all of the spices could be accounted for, as I knew the first pile was too small to account for the depleted and empty jars.

Then I went to the sink to wash my hands and there was spice dump #3, this was more of a scattered pile, evenly coating the pots and pans and leaving a nice gritty film over the water. Lovely.

You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade......and while I couldn't bring myself to do anything but pitch the spices, I DID take the opportunity to clean out my grimey stovetop burners, and felt quite satisfied in the result. This is the way I have accomplished many of those odd-job household chores lately, by providing disaster relief on the heels of my little darling terrors! By the way...Avery was completely innocent in this one...he is far too short to reach the counter top, and he didn't even have a single fleck of spice on him surprisingly enough- but he did enjoy watching me vacuum:)
And yes, if you were wondering, I did finish my curtains, and they certainly were worth the trouble they got me in! Just a little trim to add to the double set and a good ironing and they will be done...that I'll do during next naptime:)

One thing I have been pondering...if girls are sugar and spice and everything nice....does this prove that boys are "chili and paprika mommy's-gonna-freaka?"


Anonymous said...

I love how you tell your tots tales... you have such a gift for story telling that adds to it all. Love you sugar
Christina (

Mama Knucker Hatch said...

Nothing will make you deep clean like your children! :)

I love this post. Everything from the classic guilty give away, to the multiple disaster sites. And I can so relate to just wanting to finish a project and using food as bait.

It did remind me of the times me and my brothers used to take Mom's spices and create concoctions of spices and water, daring each other to take a sip.

The curtains look fabulous! I used the same fabric on the top of your curtains, for some bench pillows I made last year.