Monday, July 09, 2007


First off, sorry for the lack of blogs- but summer it taking its toll on this momma, especially getting ready for the move, then add nine puppies and two toddler....I'm in a tailspin! But here's one to pacify those of you who are pining for an update.

Joe & I were invited by Joe's brother Sam to take the boys to a Corpus Christi Sharks Arena Football game on Saturday. Always a little hesitant about such outings, we were excited, but didn't know how long the boys would hold up, or if they would even be interested. We were lured by the promo that the first 1000 kids get free jerseys, so we took the bait. Lets just say that as it turns out these boys are definite football FANS! I think that Donovan might even fall into the SUPERFAN category. We got there and HOUR before they even opened the doors (sans Joey- he was stuck behind dealing with a frustrating install of our new dishwasher, he showed up in the 2nd quarter). The boys behaved well in the line (I was the one crumbling holding Avery all that time!!). Finally we got in, got all our free loot- the noisemakers, the foam #1 pointy finger, and those sought after JERSEYS. Donovan was wearing his instantly, and Avery tried but it rather swallowed him so we put it aside:).

Once we got our seats, we settled in to watch the visting players warm up on the field. Donovan & Avery watched in a mezmerized awe. When our Sharks entered the field for their warm up, the music cranked up and Donovan left his seat never to return. From that point on (with the exception of the lights-out-lazers-and-fog opening ceremony) Donovan was in the aisle dancing, clapping and shouting for the rest of the game. His little blue jersey down to his ankles, he was bee-bopping to all the hip hop & rock music that filled the stadium! I got it on video when he first began during the warmups, little did I know he would continue throughout the entire game!

He was so cute dancing non stop that he was even shown on the stadium Jumbo Screen
and got a big round of cheers and applause!

Avery enjoyed the first half and made it all the way to the 3rd quarter, but at that point he decided that it was far more fun to scale the stadium seating than to watch the game, so Joe and I spread out with two seats between us, holding them down with our knees so that Avery could enjoy this new jungle gym. Good thing he wore his bib overalls so that Joe and I could each hold a strap while Avery risked his life (as boys do 24/7/365).

I guess the boys were good luck charms, as our Sharks took a serous bite out of the visiting team, coming away with a win.

Below is the video of Donovan dancing during the warmups....I wish I had more because once the game picked up he was just hilarious! But by that time I was juggling popcorn, hotdogs & boys bopping eachother with those noise makers!

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