Sunday, August 05, 2007

Battery Operated

Well, we are deep in the midst of my mission to potty-train Donovan, and so far he has been pretty easy. Using the time-tested award method (ok, bribery), he has been making it to the potty more often than not. Thank you, M&M's.
Now for the funny part. The other day he had gone to the potty only ten minutes before and already he was running through the house chanting, "don't pee, don't pee".....thats his way of announcing his need for the potty. I was amused since he had just gone, but who am I to stand in the way of a potty-trained man? So I helped him rush to the potty, throw on the "big boy seat" and plop him on the pot. And then he sat....and sat....and sat. Nothing happened. I was of course not surprised, but what did get me was what he said next.....
"I can't turn it on." I smirked, and I asked, "what do you mean?" He said, "I can't turn ON my PEE." He was so matter of fact that I really had to hold back a giggle....then came the zinger: "Mommy, I think I need some batteries!" Oh, then the laughter could be held back no longer, and he watched me in total perplexity as I struggled to regain composure.
I guess in his world, everything runs on batteries, so of course why not HIM?
I tell ya one thing though, he may not be battery operated, but his mom is, and her batteries are LOW!!!!
PS: Mothers of boys, do not leave your cup of life-giving morning coffee unattended while you go to answer the phone. For when you return to write your blog and take a sip of that life giving coffee, you shall spit it out for the taste will be unexplainably rancid. Lo and behold, the empty sippy cup sitting next to it that once contained apple juice, and now look again to see how your half cup of coffee is now full again.


Mama Knucker Hatch said...

Thanks so much for the laugh! Oh how I wish we DID come with batteries.

Our Family of Five said...

coffee cup/sippy cup.....That is too funny. It sounds like the kind of thing that goes on at my house!