Monday, September 24, 2007

Third Time's the Charm

Let me shed some light for all of my faithful blog readers who have been wondering what has kept me away from the computer for so long. As they say, no news is good news so perhaps that is why my absence means GREAT news!!!

Donovan is no longer the ONLY big brother around here now....Avery has stepped up to the plate and is in full training for the blessed day next April when he can adopt the name "big brother."

Thats right folks, we are expecting #3.

I am elated, overjoyed and excited. And yes, of course, I am praying and crossing every finger and toe I have that this one is my GIRL. What God has in store I have no idea, but He really owes me by now, so I am hoping against hope for those xx chromosomes to hold strong!!!! Obviously I will be thrilled either way, for by now I have boys down to a science and we have a track record of making them dangerously cute, so I won't be complaining if the xy's win out again:)

In my case unfortunately, that miraculous plus sign on a pregnancy test heralds not only that angelic soul growing within me, but also a gauntlet of prego yuckiness that is a result of my body's lack of the necessary hormones to carry any baby safely. Before I was able to say "baby" I was being prescribed the hormone supplement of "progesterone" and ever since then I have been a ghost of myself, reduced to carrying around a popcorn bowl to catch those mercilessly random acts of vomit, and endlessly fatigued.

It is quite a comical life I lead right now- and that humor is what I am clinging to along with a lot of "offering up" my present state of life! The hormone prescription gives me giant heaps of all the things a woman in her first trimester dreads- nausea, fatigue, brain fog and moodiness among others. I don't claim to possess the last one, but I am sure my better half would disagree....but come on, if you felt like you had a hangover for 8 weeks, you would be a little grumpy at times too!!!!

The 24/7 nausea peaks in the evenings, but it is a constant battle that is exhausting to keep up with. The irony of the nausea is that in order to keep it at bay I must matter how unappetizing the thought is, I must be nibbling on something almost constantly! So while my house is crumbling around me, laundry is piled high no matter if it is clean or dirty, and my kids look like street urchins, I am found either slowly eating something, preparing something to eat, or thinking of what I can eat next. It all sounds like a bad case of gluttony, but let me assure you there is no joy in food these days, it is a necessary evil, and one wrong bite can turn me green, as can even one wrong thought or smell!

We are officially halfway through the ordeal, and within 3 weeks I will be off the medication, and hopefully will return to normal a week or two later. It is a difficult journey to be sure, but the reward is priceless so I am moving forward and faithfully taking that hard to swallow pill each day!!!

Our official due date is April 28th, 2008- which in my case translates four weeks earlier to around the 1st of April due to the impending c-section.

Please keep my growing family in your prayers as we navigate this circus Donovan calls simply,
"mommy sick." I know there is an end in sight and I look forward to that light at the end of the tunnel when I can focus on the fun parts of the fact that we are getting a baby out of this!!!! I must note that so far this pregnancy has been without the threat of miscarriage....its a danger that looms over every of my pregnancies, but this is the first one not to have had any signs so far. Maybe since we started the progesterone so early we can bypass all of that all together! Oh happy day.

And now I will digress and return to my bucket.

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Mama Knucker Hatch said...

Oh my goodness, let me be the first to say...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What wonderful, blessed news. You're going to lap me pretty soon! :)

Our family will you keep you and baby bean in our prayers these coming weeks. Don't worry about the daily tasks. They'll always be there. Keep taking care of yourself, and between trips to the loo, let us know how you're coming along. Thinking pink!