Monday, October 15, 2007

Sweet Self Indulgence

So I had promised myself that as soon as I started feeling better I would treat MYSELF to a delcious pan of death-by-double-chocolate brownies. (Yes, I said MY-S-E-L-F...a word most mothers deny as a part of thier vocabulary, but there are times when MYSELF has to come first and enjoy a little SELF indulgence!) Brownies (and milk) had been forbidden me by the plague of prego yuckies. And today now that I am finally past our hard times and looking towards God's plan for our future, I figured that I was going to make good on my promise, especially after all I had been through, and warm fudgy brownies seemed to be the perfect reward! Sorry God, rainbows are sooooo Old Testament. This modern woman needs CHOCOLATE;)
So I baked MYSELF those brownies, and when they were finally done and gooey-cool, I sat and partook of my delightful delicacy- making sure the boys were occupied so I could enjoy my indulgence in peace.
Well finally I was done but I noticed that the familiar noise level of our happy home was
suddenly deficient....always a red flag. So I began my search for the cause. Well, it didn't take me long, for I just had to follow the chocolate crumb trail from the kitchen to the boy's room.
And there I found them, SELF INDULGING on MY SELF-INDULGENCE. Shame on them, and shame on me for not sharing but obviously I didn't have to, as Mr. and Mr. Independant had conjured up their own serving utensils to assist them in the devourment of the stolen goods.
Well, after a half-hearted scolding I removed my scouraged brownies and put them safely away in a higher place; I will have to wait for naptime to enjoy them again.

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Audrey said...

Goodness, Avery's looks sure have changed!

Hugs to you all-
Love, Audrey