Thursday, November 01, 2007


This past weekend all members of the Torres/Reyes clan headed up to Houston for an exciting weekend getaway....a trip back in time to the days of old where Kings ruled, honor was won at the end of a sword, where goblins lurked & fairies floated midair!
The Texas Reniassance Festival is an annual tradition that has been going on for nearly 40 years and is held for 8 weeks each autumn. It attracts throngs of people to the 37 acre yester-world, complete with Sherwood Forest, the Jousting Arena, and authentic villages of stores and food from around the world. (I must say I am always amazed at how many types of food one can serve on a STICK:) Wenches serve beer from the Ale Houses, and everyone addressed one another as "my lord" and "my lady."
Our boys were enthralled, and were carted around all day in their new wagon....or more than not some doting Uncle or cousin's arms:)
Here's the best shots. I sacrified and took our crappy cam, so the images are not what I would like....But I didn't want to risk damage to my biz cam until I have a backup!!! This year was the family year we are going as just adults...and costumes will be required. I'm not yet sure what I'll be but I want to start working on my costume now!!
Enjoy the photo show!
And when you are done, click on the link to go see a video on the Texas RenFest website that will give you a great taste of all we encountered on our trip!

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