Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nemo, Where for Art Thou????

Thanks to a doting surrogate "Auntie" Nadia giving us tickets, Donovan's big adventure for the weekend was spending the afternoon with Daddy watching the entertaining "Nemo On Ice" show that was in town. It was a LOOOOOONNNNGGGG wait for 3pm to come around, and Donovan made it a point to ask "when are we going to Nemo??" once every 10 minutes from the minute his eyes opened this morning until he was at the box office!

According to Daddy, Donovan was enthralled, and thrilled at all the lights and action. They had great 8th row seats and their view of the ornate costumes and crazy characters was terrific.
As luck would have it, Uncle Sam with his little granddaughters was sitting just two rows ahead of them, so they were able to meet up after the show for some exciting Disney loot (thank you, Uncle Sam!!!)...and best of all (for this mom anyway!) an incredibly cute picture of the three excited little people and the celebrity clownfish.

Ruthie, Donovan & Gabby

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