Saturday, October 25, 2008

Party Like a Four Year Old

A party custom designed by Donovan: Pizza joint. Lotsa games. Hey dad, gimme the money.
I just can't believe we have a FOUR year old.
Yep, that would be all your fingers minus your thumb, four. Wow. We are proud, amazed, sad, and wondering where the time went! He is no longer a baby- just our big, independent doing, thinking, talking, little man.

So, at his request, we descended on Peter Piper's Pizza with our throng of family for some good old fashioned token-enhanced fun:)

Little man's dream world. Lights & buttons....and LOTS of them!!!!

Avery is great at bopping things. Just ask Donovan. And our cat.

Cool mom....there's dinosaurs on my cake!

Ok...this is the funny part. My little man is such a good sport! In my frantic last minute gathering of decorations, cake, plates, gifts, etc.....the one thing that didn't make it to the car was the candles. Donovan is the KING of candle-blowing, with this huge family celebrating bdays every other week, he sneaks in a takes care of everyone's candles for them. So when we got ready to sing and I realized we were candle-less....I did all I could to come up with them on the spot....scanned the room at the other little parties....dang it, they used number candles (I don't think a 2 would have looked as cool on his cake:)

Anyway, he looked at the cake funny and asked for the candles.....I was just honest with him, telling him I forgot them at home. I guess by now he is used to his mom's blondeness and shrugged it off like it was nothing! I still felt guilty so I asked..."can you just pretend to blow out candles??" Well, he did, with the same pro finesse he always has;) Ahhhh. So big boys really don't cry:) Crisis averted. Imaginary candles blown out. Wishes granted.

New crisis: Brother at 3 o'clock. He's in, he's out. He got a good chunck of frosting. If candle-blowing is Donovan's thing, taking big obtrusive licks of cake icing is Avery's. Everywhere we go, weddings, showers, birthdays, doesn't matter what or where, but he makes sure he gets the first taste of every gooey topping:) I love Donovan's expression tho....its just like, "c'mon man, gimme a break - I only turn four once!"

I don't see any remorse on this you???

Its present time.....and it looks like Uncle Sam picked the right gift from the right aisle in Toys R Us!!
Grandpa showing the boys how its done.

And then they take matters into thier own hands. I never realized this was a team sport!

Four years old.....but every bit a boy. There is more than one ride a carousel!

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