Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ho Ho Ho, Y'all!

Everything is bigger in Texas, and Christmas Day is no different in this family!
Its all about the numbers here....lots of love, lots of people, lots of presents, and lots of food (of course).

If we look tired, its because we were up all night helping Santa:)

Daddy & Draven Between being overwhelmed and overjoyed, Donovan still manages to look as cute as ever! He was actually in awe of the pretty wrapping paper, and rather underwhelmed by what was underneath!!! :)
Avery asked for no pictures please, he was rather the Grinch this year:(
Such holiday hulabaloo was just too much for his 9 months to handle.
Better luck next year!
Merry Christmas to all....and onward we march to the New Year & all of its many blessings in store!

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