Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pre-School Christmas Musical

And so it was that we found ourselves "those parents" standing up in the crowd, and crawling down aisles, multiple camera's in hand, desperate to capture each one of our rising star's 15 second of fame. Behind the lens we wondered where the time went, when just a Christmas ago Donovan was barely toddling between pieces of furniture, and eating the paper off of the presents under the tree. Today he is a sweet & courageously fearless ever-exploring toddler, gallavanting before us on stage, drum-sticks in hand, tapping out an off-beat rythym to "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" next to a handful of equally miniature & rythymless classmates...none of whom hold a candle to our son's cuteness, but whose parents all disagree;)

Last night was Donovan's long anticipated school Christmas program. He did so well, which we figured since there is not a fearful bone in his body. He climbed onto the stage & looked into the crowd with great curiosty. Their first song was "Jingle Bells," and they all bounced around on stage in organized chaos, shaking little sleigh bells with glee. Halfway through that song, Donovan noticed that the Church has 2 big flat panel screen flanking the stage which showed the kids doing their sogns in real-time. The second half of Jingle Bells was spent mostly staring at himself on the big screen! Song #2 was "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and they all traded their bells for drumsticks, and they tapped out toddler beats. This one Donovan loved, and you could tell, he was tapping those sticks together with gusto. When the song ended, all of his 9 classmates paraded off the stage, but not Donovan, he just held onto his sticks, gazing out into the crowd....finally Miss Anne came to usher him off stage;-)

The grand finale was when the whole school (all 4 classes) came up together to sing their final song. The stage was crowded, so Donovan's teachers just had all of the littlest ones sit along the steps stage right....but us parents couldn't see them! Donovan decided then to take matters into his own hands, and he hopped up on stage with the big kids and danced a little jig! He remained on stage until the end of the song....and when the music faded we all heard a jolly "HO HO HO!" fill the church! Yes indeed, St. Nicholas had come too, and there he was strolling down the aisle in all of his authentic big red jolliness right toward the stage! Donovan stood as if in disbelief, and then he moved, trancelike- joining all of the other children scrambling for Santa's lap. St. Nick sat in a big throne-like chair and all of the kids lined up around him. Donovan was quick to join the formation, and yes he got his FIRST EVER chance to sit on St. Nicholas' lap. He was rewarding with a yummy candy-cane from the jolly old elf, and that cane was open & in his mouth before this mom carried him off the stage!
See that cute little face in the center? He could not take his eyes off of St. Nicholas, despite all of the commotion around him!

Avery promptly swiped the beloved candy-cane from Santa as soon as Donovan returned to where we were sitting. A cute tug of war ensued, and Donovan won in the end, but not without Avery getting a delicious lick or two!

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