Thursday, January 18, 2007

Doot doot doot do do do do....

Donovan had the priviledge of seeing his favorite morning tv characters LIVE in concert last week! It was supposed to be a mommy/son day out, but Aunt Patsy had to step in while mommy took care of daddy in the hospital. No matter whose lap he sat on, Donovan had the time of his life taking in the sights & sounds of the musical show. He knew the songs and danced in the aisles according to Aunt Pat's report. Mommy sure wishes she could have seen DJ's face, but this picture of him- smeared in popcorn butter and wearing a funky hat says it all! He was in AWE! Every morning he rises up singing the theme song, so we knew that the live show would be quite an exciting event for the young fan! Needless to say, while the show moved on to bring joy to other kids across the country, lots of Doodlebop memorabilia remained in Donovan's possession...a hat, sippy cup, and now he even goes to sleep each night with a light up Doodlebop spinner that lights up his room while he sings himself to sleep.
Doot doot doot do do do do do doot doot.....!!!


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