Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Rescuers

Okay, bear with me as I am blogging backwards on this one, but it was so cute I couldn't resist.

Joe's nephew Sam & his fiance Nadia routinely steal one or both of our kiddos for exciting outings. Why? We don't know if it is because they are "practicing" for parenthood or just because they are gluttons for punishment, but either way, the kids are thrilled to enjoy such adventures with these youthful & willing caretakers, while Joe & I are thrilled at the "time off" it affords us! Here is a handful of such events as they occured in the past few months!

Early December brought an exciting outing for Donovan as when Sammy & Nadia whisked him off for an afternoon of pure delight watching Disney's Monsters Inc. On Ice. Needless to say, this 2 year old was ENTHRALLED! He kept telling Nadia & Sammy to "sshhhh!" during in the show...he didn't want to miss a second of the performance, and he meant business!

Nadia & Donovan Watchin the show!!

Sammy & Donovan

Afterwords we all met up at the park for a long play session with the boys. We stayed there for the typical amount of time one spends with boys when they are running free: until someone gets hurt or falls exhausted asleep:) But for the hour and a half before Avery zonked out in a swing and Donovan's grand finale bloody fat lip, Sammy & Joe took turns chasing him pell mell through the maze of wooden structures & jungle gyms! We all enjoyed the outing and the special time with Sam & Nadia- its great practice for their future!! Not to mention our kids look WAY more like they belong to them:)

* * *

Just two weeks ago we all met up together for a fun afternoon courtside, cheering on the Corpus Christi A&M Islanders men's basketball team. Donovan is a huge basketball fan, so he was all about the game. Sitting like a man in the stadium seat, he cheered and booed and yelled "GO!" at all the right moments- no coaching needed for this tiny sports buff. He could have cared less about all of the junk food daddy kept bringing up- no way, Donovan was there to watch the GAME....oh, and the cheerleaders got a lot of his attention as well:) Mommy wants to think that it was just becasuse they were flipping and jumping and climbing up on eachother and jumping off of immense heights....all of the things Donovan dreams of and generally attempts, but with much less success! Anyway, it was a great time for all of us...even Avery got into it! -But at half time Avery finally gave in and fell asleep in Nadia's arms, where he remained for the second half. We must be good luck charms- cuz the Islanders WON! Next home game in 2 weeks!

* * *
AND FOR THE PRESENT!!!! A worn out mommy and daddy have battled to survive this past week with Joe recovering post-op. With Joe down for the count and as dependant as the kids while he heals, Sam & Nadia swooped in to our rescue and gave us the day off!!!! Wow- and what a day it was!!! While this mommy & daddy lounged around, watched movie, went for a (very s-l-o-w) walk, and shared an abnormally quiet dinner together, Sam & Nadia immersed themselves in the world of little people. They started at the Texas State Aquarium, and once Donovan had thoroughly doused himself in the "hands on" tidal pools, they changed clothes and locations for the games and pizza of Gatti-Town! Finally they returned with both kids exhausted and begging for bedtime! Mission Accomplished.

Thank you Sam & Nadia for the time out for the kids and the time off for us!!!

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