Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Top 10 of 2006

Taking a que from pop-culture, I decided that this first month of the new year, it was appropriate to look back at the most infamous sayings of our household from 2006, as spoken by our eloquent toddler. I am sure that next year we will showcase actual "phrases" rather than a series of one-syllable words, but afterall, timeless simplicity was all the rage in 2006.

Top Ten

1. No.
2. Don't Fall!
3. Ebom. (this is what Donovan calls Avery)
4. fix it!
5. Spop! (stop)
6. Where's Aunt Pappi? (his favorite Aunt Patsy) 7. I got a bump
8. ME!
9. OOOh nooo
10. Again!!!

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