Saturday, January 27, 2007

Which one melts your heart....its for the contest!!! (UPDATED VERSION)

Okay, so now to clear up the confusion on this previously bare bones post....

I have a seriously cute baby....and I would even go so far as to say that others may agree with me. So, when this proud momma was watching Regis an Kelly a few weeks ago, I decided that this year we would have a great shot at the Live's Beautiful Baby Contest. And so there arose the next dilemma. This is really all about first impressions, since each contestant can only enter one single photo to show off their beautiful baby. Avery has a distictly different look depending on whether he is smiling or serious, and so I originally posted those two pics to give Nana Bugos a chance to weigh in on this potentially life-altering decision. However, Nana Bugos' internet was down, so she could only advise me that Avery had a heart melting serious face, so sight unseen she went for the Calvin Klein model look:). That same day as I was about to mail the entry, the mailbox yeilded an opportunity for the smiley face photo to have a chance at fame as well. Babytalk Magazine is starting it's search for the Good Morning America/Babytalk Beautiful Baby contest. Needless to say, I have become THAT MOM that enters her baby in cutie competitions. But what can I say, there is a certain thrill in the unknown of such things, and basically that thrill is just what a stay at home mom needs sometimes. I know that over 10,000 other moms think they have the cutest baby ever, and were also seeking that "thrill"...but we will see next week on Regis & Kelly who the winner(s) are.

I am tivo-ing all of the Regis & Kelly episodes so that I don't miss that chance that they will at least show Avery's pic on the air. I will update on that if it happens!

Thanks for your patience as the blog came to a standstill while I helped Joe recover from his surgey and then came down with the influenza (DJ too) and had to battle that. We are all finally healthy and I am back to blogging!!


Duquesa said...

BOTH!!! Do I get disqualified for that answer? Your boys are so incredibly cute, there's no way I could choose the o-n-e that melts my heart. I want to hold them and cuddle them and let my little Jerome get to know them. We're inspired by how well you do on your blog...we're going to try to pick up the slack on ours. Love you bella!

Jon and Duquesa Lamers said...

Ha ha! They look so much alike, I just realized that they were the same little Avery! I thought you were being a naughty mommy and pitting the two against eachother. Anyhow, in that case, I choose the one on the left ;)

Mama Knucker Hatch said...

Big brown eyes. {Sigh} I couldn't imagine looking into those dreamy handsome beauties everyday. You have yourself two little Zoros!

And you've done so well for yourself cousin! I look forward to keeping up with your blog.