Monday, April 02, 2007

A wince and a smile...

Lets just say thats its a monday, in the worst possible ways. But what could spread cheer than a few glimpses of the cutest faces in the south? Even though for me, THEY are in large part the reason why this monday is so manic, it does my soul good to see them in their finer moments. (rather than catching Donovan swimming in a gallon of apple juice on the kitchen floor that he saw fit to pour for himself into an imaginary cup. When I discovered him he was actually proud, singing his song "pick-up, pick-up" (from him it sounds like peek-up, peek-up!), swishing a sopping towel through the river of sticky liquid, spreading it far and wide. Or Avery grinding bananas into the welcome mat, and popping up every 3 minutes holding his cheeks and crying because those mean molars are making their debut in his tiny mouth. The real icing on the cake though was that my computer crashed and my loving husband (without telling me anything) took it upon himself to restore the computer to a point one year ago, thus irreverably erasing several months of photos and documents. Good morning....too bad its April 2nd, because I was really looking forward to the "April Fools!" punchline in that one!

For all of you other moms who are enjoying the traumas that may be occuring this morning, or any other, here is a wince and a smile passed on to you, and some cute pics to make you laugh. Go hug your kids, and your husband too- and remember, us moms are all in this together.

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