Thursday, December 06, 2007

Naughty or Nice?????

Now, I can't say for sure that a lump of coal will appear under the tree this year, but this little boy is sure doing all he can to live on the edge of that possibility. Avery has suddenly professed his conversion to the Nudist Sect, and generally uses our Christmas tree as the screen to hide his shedding of clothes before he shows up playing with his toys in all his natural glory.

He and Donovan have also taken a great affection to decorating the tree....which was fine the day I put it up, but now 10 days later is not so pleasant. The ceremonious re-decorating that occurs 250 times a day is starting to have a diminishing affect on my ornament stash; luckily I was fairly smart in using my least favorite decor in the bottom half. My tree is devoid of keepsake ornaments, they are all stashed safely away in the Christmas box, and maybe someday I will have a household of tame children who will admire and appreciate such fine things, rather than simply want to see if anything is "inside."

This year I went fruity and floral for tree decorations, with lots of ribbon and sparkly fruits and floral accents.....but alas, the survivors have had to move to the North Pole of the the South has been under attack. Many a glittery grape has been stipped of its vine, and my precious purple mistletoe has been reduced to a few small sprigs.

So now I have a naked tree from the waist down.....just how Avery himself likes to flaunt about.
O well. The ribbons have been removed today as well, as Donovan was pulling them off to practice is Olympic twirling skills for the 2008 Games. I have somewhat given up the fight, for this year anyway, and have now gone into conservation mode. If we have any company between now and Christmas I may re-attach the ribbons, but for now- as far as this tree is concerned, LESS is MORE.

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