Thursday, January 03, 2008


This blog comes to you live from Oklahoma, where we are spending a blissful 3 week visit with my family full of doting Aunts & Uncles and beloved Nana & Papa Bugos. We are experiencing all kinds of wonderful new things

The last time that Donovan witnessed snowfall, he was just 2 months old, and more than a little oblivious to the Texas miracle. But this time around, while it ain't no miracle, Donovan got his first taste of the real thing. Literally. Oklahoma snow fell in plenty for a few days before Christmas, and Donovan got his fair share of the fluff and enjoyed it far more than we expected any South Texas child could. While I was prancing around trying to just simply survive the below freezing temps while I video-taped, he was frolicing like a maniac, and the more face-plants made flying head-long from his sled, the MORE HE LOVED IT!!! I was shocked to say the least. The first time Uncle Andrew pulled him down the hill, I saw that sled swooshing by at warp speed and dreaded the salty tears and red face that I felt were inevitable. Uncle Andrew and the sled stopped, and Donovan just kept right on going headfirst into a drift. He came up with a face full of snow and.....and......laughed! He laughed, spitting out more snow with each deep chuckle, and then he rolled back on the ground and laughed harder. And then he roared, "AGAIN!" And so the process repeated itself over and over for the next hour! He was even going so far as to yell in his deepest manly voice (which is very deep and manly indeed!) MUSH! MUSH! FASTER! to whichever Aunt or Uncle was charged with pulling the sled!

It made for tons of fun and GREAT video footage...maybe even AFV quality! In hindsight though I was so caught up in videotaping the wild cold ruckus that I didn't stop to get my camera, and so all we have for the blog are grainy video stills. Sorry!

He finally had to be hauled in by Uncle Drew, since he would have stayed out there till his toes fell off if we let him!

Don't get between this boy and a snowball! He is ruthless!!!!!


April Hunt said...

You guys look like you are having soooo much fun. You know how it is here in South Texas, there is no such thing. Hope you guys cont. to have fun, and are careful on your trip back home. April

Mama Knucker Hatch said...

OOOOO...SNOW! Donovan, could you throw a snowball in our state's direction??? There's nothing like a good hearty face wash to wake you up in the morning. Way to brave the elements like a man.

Your visit with the entire family sounds like a blast!