Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Watercolor MASSACRE!!!

This wouldn't have been half as funny if Avery hadn't scared daddy to death! While I went to go get the camera (naturally!) Avery decided to go wave to daddy who was doing yard work in the front. Note- Daddy was locked out so that munchkin Avery wouldn't wander out. So daddy looks up and sees the terrifying scene of Avery with a bloody gash in his forehead and proceeds to pound frantically on the doors and windows to try to get my attention from the other room. I am sure in daddy's mind there were wonderful visions of me completely abandoning my child for selfish endeavors while boy wonder went on an unsupervised scavenger hunt for dangerous toys. You should have seen daddy's relief when I yelled thru the window...."Honey, calm down, its only PAINT!"

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