Thursday, February 28, 2008

Guys and Dolls

The question of the day....Who is babysitting Who????
Now on week 4 of watching our niece "baby Alaine," I am happy to say we have a very happy household! Alaine is a blissfully EASY child, so she makes my boys look bad from the minute her smiling face walks through the door each morning! However I must say her cheerful personality does have a calming effect on the boys, for they are generally more behaved when she is in the house than when she's not. It is definitely a good big-brother-training-camp! Alaine's mommy, Desiree- our niece, is returning to school to finish her nursing degree, so we are lucky to get to share our home and TOYS with the 7 mo. old.

As for me is it WONDERFUL to have a girl in the house....maybe she can be my practice for the real thing (hint, hint: GOD!) Its fun, she loves it...although I am afraid already she may be getting corrupted by Friction and Fraction, but only time will tell.

Lucky for me, she makes the perfect camera has been very happy!

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